Nouvel album : Steel World


Jim Cohen « Steel player »

Thank you so much for your great album! I think it’s fantastic! Such a great diversity of sounds and styles that no one else is covering on steel guitar. Really terrific playing and arrangements. I wish you all the best with it, and thank you again for the wonderful gift of your music.

Nils Tuxen « Steel player & guitar player »

It is certainly true, on this CD you´ve gone places where to my knowledge no other steel players have ever been before. I can only think of an old LP with Mike Smith where he explores a few Indian sounds, but it is a very modest attempt compared to your work here, where you are taking our beloved instrument all the way to the important vast musical landscape of what has become labeled as World Music, in other words the diversified ethnic influences from around the globe. I am amazed how you have learned to master the all these styles to such a degree so that they sound totally natural to the steel guitar. Congratulations, dear Lionel. Since I first heard you play many, many years ago in St. Louis in Scotty´s store I´ve always been impressed with your talent, and I hope that this CD will help you to gain the recognition that you deserve.

Kenny Kosek « Violin player »

F… great. Love the dobro on Freedom Jazz Dance.

Bob Lee « Steel player & steel guitar forum moderator »

« Where No Steel Player Has Gone Before »

It’s true! French pedal steel virtuoso Lionel Wendling has released an astonishing CD called « Steel World ». Each track is a totally different style of music, drawing from cultures all over the world. It’s hard to review except to say, it’s incredible! The music is very modern, with a heavy jazz influence and a healthy dose of electronics. Five of the eleven songs are original compositions, and the rest are unique arrangements of songs you may have heard before, including OBS, Rhodes/Charleton’s « Honey Fingers », and Zappa’s « It Might Just Be a One Shot Deal ».

[…] This is one that adventurous players will definitely want for their collection.

Johan Jansen « Steel player »

Today I received the new CD from Lionel Wendling, called Steel World.

Let me tell you, it’s something very special!

First time I saw Lionel playing was in Oudewater, at the Dutch Convention in the eighties.Between all steelers that played there his style attracted me. He played funk and rock on his pedal steel. While a lot of “common country steel guitar music lovers” left the room, I worked my way to the front, right before the stage. I became a big fan!

I bought all CDs he released through the years, and we shared stages a lot of times, me with Heather Myles or Cash On Delivery and Lionel with his own band, we also contributed at the same workshops in France.

Lionel is a “out of the box” steeler, and I like that.
His new Steel World Album has nothing to do with country music, but he touches all music styles that a European Open Minded Musician could imagine. He is not a country steeler, no, he is a musician that happens to play Steel guitar and dobro. Also a very good producer that uses modern techniques and sounds to enriches his music.
His music takes you from a soundscape like Orange Blossom Very Special over Jazz, The Doors, Oriental Music, Zappa, Indian, Japanese music and influences on a world trip.

If you are a narrow minded country music lover ignore this CD, if you are open minded to ethnic , jazz and worldmusic, buy it!

This is one of the best steel guitar albums I ever heard!
Yes, the sound in the steel guitar is great, a WBS Ultimate. After playing Lionel’s Ultimate in France some years ago, I was convinced about the quality and sound of this beast and wanted to get one too.

Lionel, congrats, you created a masterpiece!

Gary Lee « Steel player »

A friend of mine from Bern, Switzerland asked me if I ever heard of one Lionel Windling and my response was the only Lionel I knew was Richie. Meanwhile, a short period after said question, I attended a small steel geeTar party where Russ Hicks was front and center. He invited me to his car so I could indulge in some VS. My first thought was to bring a coke soda chaser as I am not fond of Remy VS, I prefer and drink Martell Cordon Bleu. Anyway, he was referring to a very special Orange Blossom Special, aka OBVS. The following Monday, my gifted LW cd arrived from my bud in Bern. Impressions:
1) Must Listen again
2) Take notes
3) How’d he do dat…
4) Listen again to absorb the big picture
5) back to the woodshed….
All I can say, we’re talking cutting edge, innovative, orchestrative (is that a word) and well thought out ditties. Well done LW…….
Gary Lee the wanna be pedal masher……

Larry Marrs « Recording studio, bass player Nashville »

Thanks so much for sending the CD. I especially like « it might just be a one shot deal ». great tone on everything. And your singing !!! nice.

Jeff Blanc « Steel player »

J’ai reçu ton nouvel opus ce matin, et je viens juste de l’écouter une première fois.

Effectivement, tu emmènes la steel dans des endroits où la main (la barre…) de l’homme n’a jamais mis les pieds, et j’aime.

Good job !

Peter Nylund « Steel player »

Thank you for the CD. I was very curious about the content on it, as you usually have plenty of ”out of the box” ideas. And so also this time, in a very positive way. Besides your excellent playing skills, you have also succeeded in gathering sounds and voicings from all over the world, which is also stated in the cover lines. The combination of programmed music and ”real” instruments is spot on all the way. This is most certainly the way to go if we want to spread the steel guitar a bit more. We all have to get passed the ”Mansion on the hill” stage in our playing.
Very good CD, thanks. Keep up the good work.

Jean-Claude Dequéant « Composer, arranger »

Merci pour ce beau cd. Je l’ai écouté entièrement et beaucoup aimé. Particulièrement la chanson des Doors avec ces belles harmonisations vocales graves. Ca fait vraiment plaisir de réécouter cette chanson dans ta version.
J’aime aussi beaucoup House of Jade et September. D’ailleurs la voix de Maurice Steinecker est très proche de celle de Jim Morrison.
Tes musiciens sont excellents. J’ai remarqué la présence de Charly Doll […] La mandoline de Christian [Séguret] est employée d’une façon très originale.
Tes compositions ont un net côté asiatique, c’est bien. D’une certaine façon on est heureux de traverser les différents styles entre country et jazz.
Et en plus le packaging est réussi.

Donc encore merci et bravo pour ce beau travail.

Wolfgang Bednarz « WBS steel guitars builder »

Very great, you are a true master of the PSG. Wish I can play like you.


Jean-Michel Maillard « Steel player »

Very Happy! bravo Lionel, bien reçu ton CD et je l’ai écouté … en voiture, bien fort ! J’adore ta version de LIGHT MY FIRE et tous les titres « ethniques » aux couleurs orientales ou asiatiques, avec des super patterns rythmiques!
Très,très bonne reprise de F.Zappa (du coup en rentrant j’ai réécouté Waka/Jawaka)…
Les titres jazz (et le freedom jazz avec la mandoline de Ch. Séguret) sont vachement bien … en fait il n’y a que le 1er titre où je n’ai pas trop accroché, mais en relisant les notes sur la pochette, j’ai vu que tu le renommais « very special » donc je comprend ton parti pris!😉
Encore Bravo!